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How to Plan and Schedule Your Social Media Calendar Pt. I

How to Plan & Schedule Your Social Media Calendar
Part 1: Brainstorming Your Content

It’s no secret that one of my favorite business hacks is creating a social media calendar to strategize and bulk schedule content. While this may sound like a technical and confusing concept, it’s actually very simple, and I will walk you through each step! Because I have a lot of content to share, I’ve broken this technique into 3 parts, and this article is part 1!

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What is a social media calendar?
It’s a weekly social content plan that streamlines your social strategy. It also:

  • Tells you what to post when
  • Helps you consistently put the best content out there
  • Keeps your feed cohesive and professional
  • Helps you grow a loyal and engaged audience

When my social management and consulting clients hire me, I work through a step-by-step process to help them create the perfect social strategy.  I guide them into creating a social media calendar, which becomes their roadmap to social media success. I’ve taken that exact social strategy process and turned it into a $47 e-course that you can read more about here. Or keep reading to learn about step 1 for creating a social media calendar – brainstorming content.

Download the Free Workbook

Before you dive in, I highly recommend downloading the free Social Strategy Workbook to take notes and jot down ideas. For this article, you’ll be utilizing the Social Content Worksheet.

A lot of my clients and past workshop students have been stumped on the same topic-what content should they be posting on social media? While the idea of constantly creating new and engaging content seems daunting, it becomes pretty simple once you ask yourself a few questions.

What are your areas of expertise, and how can you use this knowledge to educate your potential clients and customers? Sharing valuable information on your social media not only shows your audience that you are an expert in your field, but it also teaches them to read and engage with your content. Instead of talking about yourself, provide useful tips for your audience.

When planning your social content types, start by asking yourself “what information would my target market find valuable, helpful, interesting, relatable, etc?”

  • Helpful tips
    • Photographer example: helping families coordinate outfits
    • Florist example: 5 pretty summer blooms
    • Hair stylist example: how to go blonder without ruining your hair
  • Shared content from other industry professionals
    • Interesting articles
    • Video tutorials
    • Relatable blog posts
  • Helpful business information
    • FAQs
    • Store hours
    • Shipping details
    • Materials/ingredients
  • Client based
    • Testimonials
    • Before/afters
  •  Behind-the-scenes
    • Process photos
    • Workspace
    • Tools and materials

Take some time to jot down ideas on the worksheet, and check back next week for Part 2: Plan Your Social Calendar where I will share what to do next. Want more social strategy insight? For only $47, you can access my 36 page PDF, full workbook and 7 video tutorials in my course, Social Makeover E-Course. Learn more here, and don’t forget to download your free mini-workbook below.


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