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How to Brand Your Instagram to Grow Your Audience

First of all, what does “branding your Instagram” even mean? I like to think as a way to utilize a combination of content topics and visual graphics. In other words, choosing a handful of topics to share about in your captions while pairing them with consistent and pleasing, professional visuals.

Talk About the Same Topics

When creating a post to share on Instagram, it’s super helpful to have a bank of topics to pull from. (Want more information about this? Check out my past blog series: How to Create a Social Content Calendar). Think about topics you 1.) Are an expert on, and 2.) can talk about consistently.

Utilize a Color Palette

This may seem odd, but if you look through the feeds of big brands and Instagram influencers, you’ll notice that they highlight the same handful of colors in all of their images. This doesn’t mean that every image you post has to have pink in it, but if you choose a 2-4 colors to highlight, you can create a very cohesive feed by including just one color from the palette in every photo.

Create Social Media Graphics

Now that you know what you want to talk about, and what you want your brand to look like, you can create social media graphics to share this content on a regular basis. My favorite graphics tool is Canva, and it’s TOTALLY FREE, and user friendly. What more could you want, right?

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