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How to Schedule Instagram Photos that Auto-Post

How to Auto-Post on Instagram

Are you new to social scheduling and find it intimidating? Or have you tried it in the past and dislike scheduling it and then having to manually push it through to Instagram? Well, I have great news! Scheduling your posts on Instagram is now EASY and can be 100% automated. Meaning, you schedule it and forget it. No more notifications on your phone and copying captions. Just schedule and go. If you’d like the step-by-step tutorial, check out my video ‘How to Schedule Instagram Photos that Auto-Post for You’ below. Or keep reading!


 What is Planoly?

It’s a visual Instagram planner and post scheduler that you can use on your desktop or from your phone (their app is available on both Apple & Android). They have a wide variety of plans ranging from FREE to $199 depending on your needs. Most users will be fine with the free account, but I’m on the $9/month plan so I can schedule videos + GIFs, access more analytics, and save my hashtags. Everything shown in my tutorial can be done on the free plan.

How to Auto-Post:

  • Make sure your Instagram is a business account
  • Turn this feature on via Planoly
  • Choose an image that is:
    • Between 4:5 to 1.91:1 in ration
    • Between 150×150 to 1920×1080 in resolution
    • Under 8MB
    • JPG or PNG
    • AKA: Posting a square image from your iPhone works perfectly
  • Avoid videos, multiple image posts, and Stories

My Instagram Workflow:

  1. Plan Content (free worksheet below)
  2. Organize Photos in Photo Bank (Dropbox is recommended)
  3. Create Cohesive Quotes & Graphics (Canva is amazing and FREE!)
  4. Write Captions (Watch the video to see the following steps)
  5. Upload Content to Planoly Drafts
  6. Add Content to Grid
  7. Arrange Until Visually Pleasing
  8. Paste Captions
  9. Schedule Content

If you want more help with this Instagram trick, I highly encourage you to watch the video above! It’s only 30 minutes and packed with insight and tips!


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