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How to Easily Create Social Content Your Audience LOVES

The majority of my clients ask me this at some point in our strategy consulting: “What should I be posting on my business Instagram account?” If you’re the face of your business, you probably ask yourself this same question. Should you be posting personal photos of your kids and home? How often should you talk about yourself? How can you talk about something new everyday and not bore your audience? This article tackles those hard questions, and also shows you how to create social content quickly and easily that your audience LOVES.

Teach Your Audience

This vital tip is often the most overlooked, but easiest to fix. Instead of constantly trying to post content about yourself and your business, post content that your target market would really benefit from. Is she interested in getting started with essential oils? Give her weekly tips on how to dive in!


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Create Valuable Content

How can you provide value to your target market? If you haven’t defined your target market yet, check out my article here. Think about what they struggle with, and how you can help.

Types of Valuable Content:

1. Tutorials: 3-5 image tutorial on Instagram, video tutorial on stories or Youtube, blog tutorial.

2. Before & Afters: Show a before & after and describe what changes were made.

3. Recommendations: Books, podcasts, articles, products or resources, favorite shops.

4. Inspiration: Motivating quotes, transformation stories, share your inspiration.

Offer Freebies

The true purpose of freebies should always be to get social media followers onto your email list, which preferably has a welcome sequence set up to further nurture your audience and introduce them to your products or services. To create an irresistible freebie, think about what resource you could create and share with your audience that would truly help them. Does your ideal customer need help planning her wedding? Provide free printables or timelines to make her life easier.


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