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Should I Be Marketing on Instagram or Pinterest?

I highly recommend focusing on a single platform versus trying to grow multiple social platforms at once, especially in the beginning stages of your online business. Not only does focusing on a single platform save you time, but it also helps you improve your strategy faster, and in turn, grow that audience faster as well. So how can you determine what platform is best for your individual brand and business? The follow questions help you breakdown the pros and cons of each platform.

Are you a locally based business or online business?

If you said local, Pinterest should be off your radar, at least for now. Instagram is a much better platform for locally based businesses like service providers and brick and mortar stores. Utilizing local hashtags and the geotag features will get your content and brand in front of local people easily.

If you’re an online-based company that can serve people all over, I recommend looking into utilizing Pinterest as soon as possible. Because Pinterest is more like a search engine, you can tailor your content to reach people looking for exactly what you provide. Creating and implementing a strong Pinterest strategy means you could be the number one search result for “Gender Neutral Birthday Invites”. If you have something special that people want, why not showcase that on a platform where people are looking for it?

What type of content do you create?

Do you prefer visuals or words? Images or graphics? Videos or blogs? Stories or tutorials? Instagram is a visual platform, and you can’t scale quickly without the use of powerful imagery or graphics. If words are your secret weapon, consider an updated blog with content being pushed out on Pinterest as your main social strategy. Here is a simple breakdown of the best content for each platform.

• Videos
• Images
• Graphics
• Stories

• Blogs
• Graphics
• Images
• Tutorials

Where is your target market hanging out?

If you haven’t already defined your target market, take a minute to read my last blog post about common Target Market Mistakes. Once you’ve completed the worksheet, think about what platform your target market is more likely to be active and engaged on, and where your content aligns with what they want. For example, if your target market is on both Instagram and Pinterest, but your tutorials are being searched for more frequently on Pinterest, it’s more likely that your target market will find you there. But if you create incredible images that often make it to the top 9 of popular hashtags that your target market is using, Instagram should be your main focus.

If you want more guidance on selecting the best platform for your business and target market, along with a ton of examples and free worksheets, check out my free video course: Get Noticed – How to Pivot Your Online Strategy to Instantly Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Industry.

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