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3 iPhone Photography Tips that Improve Your Instagram

Do you ever wonder how some people are constantly posting beautiful images of their products or spaces on Instagram? How are they able to take such high quality images with their iPhones? As a brand photographer and strategist, I am constantly asked this question, which is why I’ve put together these 3 iPhone Photography Tips that will Instantly Improve Your Instagram! Don’t forget to download the free Cohesive iPhoneography Worksheet below.

Take Cohesive Photos

How do you make images match and flow, even though the subjects and locations change from shot to shot? This is done by taking cohesive images. Taking cohesive photos means keeping all elements similar and consistent between photos. These elements include cohesive colors, white balance, and editing style. To get a full rundown list of how to take more cohesive photos, be sure to download the free Cohesive iPhoneography Worksheet below. HINT: the tips work for any phone, Android included!

Use a Mobile Lens

Did you know you can instantly elevate photos with a mobile phone lens? This is one of my favorite iPhoneography hacks! Companies like Moment and Olloclip allow us to upgrade our phone cameras by simply clipping on lenses. Use a telephoto lens for improved product shots, or a wide angle lens for incredible landscape photos.

Skip Filters

This is the number one mistake I notice my clients (and strangers on IG) making everyday. Using heavy Instagram filters really messes with the look of an iPhone photo. To avoid having an inconsistent and overly-edited look, edit images by hand using a free app like VSCO or ColorStory. Stick to simple tweaks, like boosting exposure and increasing contrast slightly. Below is my full list of iPhone photo edits that I do on every Instagram photo.

VSCO Cam Edits:

1. Adjust Exposure (I typically brighten)

2. Increase Contrast

3. Straighten in Needed

4. Adjust Temperature (if too warm or too cool)

5. Boost Tint Slightly

To learn more about improving your iPhone images for Instagram, download the free Cohesive iPhoneography Worksheet below!

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