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30 Engaging Instagram Post Ideas

I’ve been hopping on Instagram Live each week and sharing my favorite Instagram tips. This week I shared 30 (technically 33) Instagram post ideas for those days when you feel like you have nothing new to say or post. Keep reading for all 33 ideas, and pin this image to save for a rainy day. Download your free Instagram Content Calendar below.

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  1. What’s-in-my-bag/desk/phone
  2. Tips for prepping for your service/product
  3. Ask for opinions on a fun business decision
  4. Client transformation (before/after)
  5. 5 Ways to use your product
  6. Workspace/studio tour
  7. Blog post summary
  8. Service/Product before & after
  9. Ask a question
  10. Highlights from last project or event
  11. Recommended product/store/resource
  12. Sale
  13. How to get started with ________
  14. DIY tutorial
  15. Overview of service or program
  16. Client testimonial/case study
  17. Product/client work-in-progress photos
  18. Inspirational or silly quote
  19. Mini book summary/review
  20. Ask for votes between two options
  21. Behind-the-scenes, prep work or afterwards
  22. Review or unboxing of a product
  23. Announcement – new inventory
  24. Tips for hiring a YOUR PROFESSION
  25. Recommended podcast/app/article
  26. Sneak Peek
  27. Recipe
  28. Common Mistakes/Misconceptions Round Up
  29. Helpful tips for after using service
  30. Splurge vs save
  31. New story (or stay tuned)
  32. Freebie/Email opt in
  33. Recommended vendors/small businesses

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