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5 Reasons You Should Improve Your Instagram Photo Skills

It’s 8pm on a Thursday, and you panic when you realize you haven’t posted on Instagram in a few days. You’re not sure what to post, but you scroll through your camera roll to find your best photo of a pretty meal you ate last weekend. You pair the image with a caption like “Is anyone else OBSESSED with avocado toast?!” while silently wondering what the point of this post is. You add a quick filter to the image for pizazz, and reluctantly click “Share”.  And in fourish days, you’ll repeat this process all over again.

But imagine if your Instagram posts where exciting. What if your images were beautiful, and your captions made sense for your business, and your audience was engaging in the comments? What if Instagram went from a dutiful business task to your number one source of new customers and clients? I’m here to tell you that it’s not only possible, but it can be easy! Here are 5 crucial reasons that you should improve your Instagram photos for your business. And don’t forget to download my free Cohesive iPhoneography Worksheet below.

1. You use them everyday! Whether your sharing a new product on your feed, or you’re sneak peeking a fun event on stories, your Instagram images are the face of your business on a DAILY basis, and often the first impression your potential clients and customers get have of your brand.

2. Confidence is key. Improving your photo skills means you’ll feel more confident posting on the fly, which will make your brand more appealing and engaging when sharing behind-the-scenes and day-to-day content. What better way to share the real-life side of your business than with daily behind-the-scenes images that are attractive and appealing?

3. Your brand will look legit! Sharing beautiful images will elevate your business and make it look more professional overnight. Having your brand look consistent and cohesive will instantly improve your know-like-trust factor with your target audience. More trust = more sales and bookings, it’s science!

4. You’ll grow your audience quickly. Your brand will stand out among the millions of blah photos being shared everyday, and as a result, people will automatically hit “follow” because they know you’ll be adding pretty photos to their feed.

5. Adding value will be easy. After improving your Instagram photo skills, you’ll now be able to focus on sharing content and adding value vs. constantly worrying about the photos. It will be easier to post consistently and position yourself as the expert in your field. What’s not to love?

If you want more information on improving your Instagram photos, look no further than my free Cohesive iPhoneography Worksheet! Download instantly below:  

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