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How to Create an Instagram Content Calendar

Never Run Out of Instagram Content + Free Printable Calendar | How to Create an Instagram Posts Calendar | Social Media Content Calendar Template | Instagram Content Calendar for Business

**This post is an outline of my recent Instagram live. Scroll down to watch the replay.**

When it comes to posting on social media, you may often wonder “What should I even be posting?! I feel like I’m just repeating myself over and over again.” It’s tough to feel like you have enough content to post on a consistent basis, but this one trick will completely change that! Last year, I made myself an Instagram Content Calendar, and it’s changed my Instagram content (and workflow) for the better! Keep reading to find out how to implement this simple yet powerful social media hack. Need a calendar? Grab the free training & printable workbook below.

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1. Make a List of Topics On a blank piece of paper (or the free social content planner linked below), write down all of the topics you should or could be talking about on Instagram. Here are some examples:

    • Behind-the-Scenes (BTS)
    • Tips or Tutorials
    • Before/Afters (B&A)
    • Product or Service Info
    • Sales or Announcements
    • Quote/Motivation/Inspiration
    • Blog Post
    • Freebie
    • Studio or Workspace Tour
    • Work-in-Progress Shots (WIP)

2. Narrow Down Ideas Think about how many times you realistically want to post each week. If you want to post daily, narrow down to 7 topics. If you only post twice a week, choose two topics. I love to post daily, so I created a calendar with 7 daily topics. You can also repeat topics. For example, I like to announce a new blog post each week, and then a few days later I like to remind people about the topic in case they missed it.

3. Link Topics to Intentional Days If you plan on sharing a quote each week, I recommend sharing them on Monday’s because of the #mondaymotivation and #makewavesmonday hashtags. You should also think about your audience, when they are active, and what they have time for that day. Monday mornings are hectic so a quick quote is just what my audience needs. But on Wednesday evenings, they have time to sit down and read a blog post.

4. Create Your Calendar Fill out your entire calendar with your final topics. This way, on Sunday evenings when you realize you need to post something, you already know the topic and can easily find (or take) an image that correlates. For example:

    • Sunday BTS
    • Monday Quote
    • Tuesday Tour
    • Wednesday New Blog
    • Thursday WIP
    • Friday Freebie
    • Saturday Tip

5. Watch Your Analytics If you have a Business Instagram account, you can track your analytics and see which posts are getting the most engagement (likes and comments). What type of content is your audience responding too? Be sure to pay attention and try to implement more popular content topics as much as possible.

Never wonder “what should I post?” again! And don’t forget to download the free worksheets below to get started on your content calendar.


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