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How to Style a Flat Lay for Instagram

So many of you enjoyed my last blog post featuring flatlays, so I thought I would share another post all about this popular photography style. I originally shared this content on an Instagram Live, so scroll down to watch a replay of the video. Or keep reading to get my 8 tips for styling a flatlay for Instagram.

  1. Use Coordinating Props: No matter the purpose of your flatlay, it’s important to have props that coordinate well together to create a visually pleasing image (this is VITAL for Instagram). Think about the theme of your flatlay, and choose items that are all related to that theme. For example, if you’re creating a fashion flatlay, it makes sense to include items that make up an outfit.
  2. Layer Items: To add more visual interest, I like to layer different items on top of each other to create depth.
  3. Use a Color Palette: Another great way to create a coordinated image is to stick to a color palette of 3-5 varying colors.
  4. Limit # of Items: This is important for the flow of an image. I recommend using odd numbers, and starting with 3. Add two items at a time, but try to limit items to 7-9 items total, depending on the image.
  5. Include Storytelling Props: This is my favorite tip because it can quickly elevate an image. Using items that add storytelling elements into the scene is a great way to help the viewer understand what the photo is all about.
  6. Use Items with Texture: Whether its the backdrop or miscellaneous items, having texture in a photo easily creates visual interest for the viewer. I like to add textures like lace or linen fabrics, or interesting plates with fun finishes.
  7. ¬†Add Accessories: This doesn’t just go for fashion flatlays. You can include items like measuring cups in a food flatlay, or pens and paper in a desk flatlay.
  8. Use Whitespace: Whitespace, also known as negative space, refers to blank spots in an image. Negative space in a flatlay allows the eye to easily flow from item to item.

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