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5 Most Common Mistakes Businesses are Making on Instagram

By now, you know I recommend using Instagram to add value to your audience, position yourself as an expert, and grow your audience of potential clients and customers. Providing value on Instagram allows your potential clients and customers to know, like, and trust you, which in turn, allows them to trust you enough to buy from you or hire you. But as a social media strategist, I see a lot of mistakes being made on Instagram by business owners. Here are the top 5 most common mistakes I see.

1.Posting off-topic content: Instead of providing value or keeping their content relevant, they post images that have little or nothing to do with their products, services, or business. This type of content losses your engagement, confuses your audience, and doesn’t allow you to grow your dream tribe.

Instead of posting content for the sake of posting, I recommend teaching, inspiring, motivating and entertaining your audience. Not sure what to post? Here are 30 engaging Instagram post ideas.

2.Sharing low-quality/off-brand photos: Posting low quality and off-brand content means you’re sharing photos that aren’t professional taken, or they aren’t on-brand with your business.

Posting low-quality content makes your business look unprofessional and visually unappealing, which ultimately loses your engagement with your audience. You can take images that aren’t professional but are on-brand. Learn how to do so here.

3.Bots or Auto-Comments: I’ve noticed a lot of creatives using auto-bots and commenters to post generic comments on specific hashtags. I highly recommend avoiding this avenue, and instead spending time being authentic and genuine on social media.

4.Being Inconsistent: Posting consistently for 14 days straight, and then not posting for 3 weeks means you are losing your audience in those quiet weeks. Get more consistent by creating an Instagram content calendar (freebie below!), or start scheduling your posts in advanced.

5.Only Sharing Front End/Customer Facing Content: This means you are only posting buttoned up, polished content about your business. While this may seem more professional, you are on a social site, so be social! Instead of sharing lifeless posts, share content that includes your personality. Include behind-the-scenes content, videos, and your business processes and fun content!

Were you making any of these mistakes? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to download your free Instagram content calendar below!

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