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5 Things I Did to Double My Instagram Following in Less Than a Month

I want to share with you how I went from 1159 Instagram followers in June to 2343 and growing in July. UPDATE: It’s now August and I have 3248 followers. This method has almost TRIPLED my audience in less than 3 months. But first, I want to mention that I don’t recommend having followers just for the sake of the numbers. It’s important to have intention behind every follower you attract, and I recommend growing an audience that aligns with your target market that is engaged and excited about what you do. If you have a huge following that is filled with fake accounts or they’re not interested in your content, it can actually hurt you on Instagram. Your Instagram algorithm depends on your number of followers and their amount of engagement. If you have thousands of unengaged followers, it’s actually very bad for your algorithm because your engagement percentage vs. your number of followers is a clue to Instagram that people aren’t interested in your content. Which means the people who are interested won’t see it. Followers are great, but only if they care about your product, service, or business. I would rather have 200 engaged followers than 20,000 “lurkers.” Here are the 5 things I did to double amount of engaged, targeted following in less than a month.

Defined My Target Market: I thought about who my audience was, what they needed, what their struggles were and what other businesses, brands, and companies they reach out to for advice. I knew my audience desired to showcase their brands with cohesive Instagram feeds and using pretty photos. One company I thought of was Planoly. They have an app that allows you to cohesively and visually plan your Instagram feed and schedule your posts in advance. That company clearly aligns very well with my target market.

 Collaborations – Planoly Guest Blog & IG Takeover: I collaborated with likeminded brands with a similar target market. I reached out to Planoly and wound up having them publish a guest post on their blog, and promoted the blog with an Instagram takeover. I shared behind-the-scenes content in their stories for a day. I then invited their audience to come watch a live video on my own Instagram later and taught them how to style a flat lay. This aligned with what Planoly’s audience was looking for so I had thousands of people watch, follow me, read my blog, and sign up for my emails.

Posting Valuable Content Consistently: I post very consistent, valuable content. I am teaching them, entertaining them, or inspiring them. I’m sharing very relatable content for my audience so they want to stick around and follow me.

Weekly IG Lives: I hold weekly Instagram lives that have allowed me to engage with my audience, let them get to know me, learn about topics they are looking for, and how I can help them. I also brought my email list over to Instagram by letting them know that I am going live on IG in case they weren’t already following me.

Cohesive, Attractive, Related Photos: I am adamant about posting only beautiful photos. Because my target market desires a pretty feed, and I want to help them achieve that. I post images that are the same groups of colors, edited the same way, and taken in the same light.

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