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5 Tips for Standing Out on Instagram

Before I dive into my tips for standing out on Instagram, I want to share a bit about what it MEANS to stand out online. Standing out doesn’t mean having a huge audience of silent followers, but instead, having a group of engaging and excited followers. You want your content to stand out specifically to your ideal clients & customers. It’s not a popularity contest, remember this!
My 5 Tips for Standing Out

1.  Be Yourself: Infuse yourself and your personality into your posts. Include your daily life and behind-the-scenes (BTS) shots so your audience knows who you are and what you’re all about.

2. Be Social: When writing your captions, write like you talk. Talk about things that interest you, not things you “should” be talking about. Respond to comments and DMs like you’d respond to a text from a friend.

3. Be Approachable: Share content that your audience can relate to. And try out being slightly realer than your current comfort level. Tell your story/journey as it’s happening.

4. Be a Valuable Resource: You should constantly be teaching, inspiring or educating your audience. Being salesy or filling your feed with your products or services will not elevate you as an expert in your industry, but instead as a pain in the butt. Educate, motivate, and be interesting!

5. Be Consistent & Cohesive: Choose your 3-5 content topics, and only talk about those. Choose your frequency of posting, and show up that much. Give yourself grace for the days that you don’t show up, but make sure you don’t get discouraged. Show up again the next day. Brand your feed and post consistent and cohesive photos. It matters!

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