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The Truth About the Instagram Algorithm

The Instagram Algorithm is how Instagram determines which content users are most interested in. It sets a priority to this content and shows users these posts first. Because of this, Instagram personalizes a feed by how users interact with the accounts they follow.
**Research from credible sources coming directly from Instagram** 1 | 2
This post is adapted from my Instagram Live. Watch the replay below, or keep reading.
How does IG determine which content users are interested in?
3 Key Factors
  • Interest – IG predicts a users interest in content by analyzing past behavior
    • Categories
      • Visual content
      • Hashtags
      • Caption
  • Recency – How recently the post was shared
    • More recent posts are prioritized over week old posts
  • Relationship – How often a user interacts with an account
    • Tagged images
    • Comments & likes
    • Direct message
    • People you search for
Additional Factors
  • Frequency – How often user opens Instagram
    • Best posts since users last visit are shown first
    • “if you open Instagram hourly, Instagram will try to show you most relevant content you haven’t yet seen before.” – Buffer Blog
  • Following – How many people a user is following
    • Instagram picks best content from variety of accounts
  • Usage – How long user spends time scrolling
    • Important content first
    • Continual scrolling shows more content
How can you use the algorithm to your advantage?
  • Best content wins: Post intentionally
  • Ask for engagement
  • Cross promote
  • Post attention-grabbing content
  • Keep users on the platform
  • Use hashtags intentionally
    • Some popular
    • Some smaller
  • Test your best times to post


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FREE TRAINING: 30 Day Insta Strategy in 1 Hour

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