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Why Hiring an Instagram Manager Would Hurt Your Business

You’ve heard it from the mouth of an Instagram Manager & Strategist. Do NOT outsource your Instagram content if you’re a service provider, personal brand, or influencer. Why, you may ask? Because you’re outsourcing the CONNECTION to your audience, which is the most important element of your Instagram. I’ll repeat: Connection is the most important element of your Instagram. I’ve quadrupled my Instagram following in just a new months with ZERO ADS because I started showing up on lives and in my Instagram stories. Keep reading or watch my IG Live replay below to learn my 3 reasons why YOU need to show up on Instagram.

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3 Ways to Reach Your Dream Tribe on Instagram

3 Reasons Why YOU Need to Show Up on Instagram


Your audience wants to hear from you. Only YOU know your industry from your perspective.

  • Teach
  • Share
  • Tell stories
  • Motivate


Your audience needs that CONNECTION before they hire you.

  • If you’re a service provider, they need to see your face, hear your voice, learn your teaching/photography/speaking/service style before they trust you
  • This is an incredible opportunity
  • Word of mouth isn’t the ONLY way to gain trust of strangers in 2019


You need to start BEFORE you’re ready.

  • Think you need XK amount of followers before going live, teaching, selling, being legit? You’re wrong.
  • Every incredible human that you love interacting with on Instagram started BEFORE their tribe showed up. Their lives, opinions, ideas and personality is what attracted their dream tribe and enticed them to hit the follow button.
  • The audience doesn’t just show up for no reason and then you get to teach and be an expert.
  • Imposter syndrome is real and its bullshit.
  • Ignore it and go.

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