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What’s the Difference Between Marketing Yourself and Being Braggy on Instagram?

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Lately, a lot of our premium clients have been struggling with the same thing. I’ve been encouraging them to do more lives and share more behind-the-scenes content, but everyone is wondering the same thing – “What’s the difference between marketing myself on Instagram and just being braggy?” I’m diving into this topic below (and expanding even further in the recording of my Instagram live at the bottom of this post).

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The Difference Between Marketing Your Business and Bragging on Instagram

It’s Your Intention:

Your intention is another word for your objective for Instagram. What do you want to achieve? What is the point of posting?

Marketing Your Business:

  • Connecting with humans
  • Helping people find your products and services
  • Providing education, motivation or entertainment

Being Braggy:

  • Only posting for the likes
  • Main goal is getting more followers
  • Avoiding connection/conversation
  • Only sharing wins

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