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3 Tricks for Overcoming Your Fear of Going Live

If you’re like most of my Instagram coaching clients, you’ve likely been intrigued with the idea of going live on Instagram, but have found an excuse to NOT go on. Maybe you’re simply too busy, or perhaps you’ve had a lot of insecurities surface when thinking about going live.

If you’ve experience a little voice in your head telling you…
• You don’t know enough
• No one cares
• Who do you think you are?
• Your audience is too small

… then you aren’t alone! This is a common result of LEVELING UP in your business. Below, I am sharing 3 tricks to overcome your fear of going live.

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3 Tricks to Overcome Your Fear of Going Live

Start Small.

When going live for the first time, keep the pressure off by starting small. You can do this by choosing a topic you know inside and out, or by keeping the live short and sweet. You can share an announcement, give a quick tour, or even host a Q&A.

Pro Tip: If you host a Q&A, have some FAQs written down ahead of time to get the ball rolling.

Provide Value:

Have a goal to go live and provide one of the following:

  • Motivation/Inspiration
  • Education
  • Entertainment

Focus on what you’re giving and why you’re excited to share it with your audience. Concentrating on the value you’re providing helps keep the jitters at bay, and also fuels you with adrenaline.

Shift Your Mindset:

Remind yourself that you know more than you did when you started, therefore you WILL be helping someone. Another great thing to keep in perspective is that every great influencer or brand that you follow once had the exact number of followers that you currently have. You DO NOT and SHOULD NOT have a huge following when you get started with lives.

I always ask my clients this question: Would you rather go live for the first time in front of 100 followers or 100K followers?

Start now.

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