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15 Branded Flatlay Photo Ideas for Instagram

If you’re new to the brand photography or Instagram world, you might be asking yourself, “What is a flatlay?” A flatlay is a top-down image taken from above of a flat service that typically includes styled products, objects, props, etc., arranged in a visually pleasing manner.

One of my biggest tips for styling flatlays is to make sure to choose items that are on-brand with what you are talking about on Instagram! You’ll want your flatlays to be able to point back to something that your target market can relate to, and is either:

  • Educational
  • Inspirational
  • Motivational
  • Entertaining

For example, if you’re a wedding photographer, and your flatlay is all about what you carry in your diaper bag, you’re probably not connecting with your target market, the engaged bride to be.

By creating high-value informational content that your target market can relate to, you’re also pointing back to your business where your audience will view your product or service as the solution to their needs

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15 Branded Flatlay Photo Ideas for Instagram

Here are some ideas for flatlays you can modify to work with your brand and resonate with your audience:

1. What’s In Your Bag?

  • Camera
  • Purse
  • Tool kit
  • Traveling
  • Makeup

2. Outfit

  • Outfit of the Day (OOTD)
  • Accessories

3. Deskscape

4. What I’m Reading

5. Products Styled Artistically

  • Oil bottles with flowers

6. Products styled Contextually

  • Oil bottles with purse, passport, water bottle, roller bottles

7. Tech Mockup

  • Freebie Opt-in
  • New blog post
  • Instagram feed
  • Website
  • Podcast
  • Article

8. Recipe with Ingredients

9. Products with Materials

10. Morning Routine

11. Unboxing or Store Haul

12. Round Up / Top 5 Favorite items

13. DIY Tutorial

14. Styled Notebook for Overlay Text

  • Client testimonial or review
  • Announcement
  • Quote

15. Weekend in Review

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15 Branded Flatlay Photo Ideas for Instagram from Brit Chandler on Vimeo.

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